Haven student wins place at Hue Medical School


Do Nhu Thuan, a final year student at The Haven, has gained second place in the University of Hue Medical School entrance exams with a score of 28.5/30. This is a wonderful achievement for a boy who came to The Haven at age 15 from one of the poorest families in A Luoi village, Central Vietnam.

Thuan’s plan was to study hard enough to gain entry to the prestigious Quoc Hoc High School in Hue (which he did), with the ultimate aim of going to university and becoming a doctor. His motivation for studying medicine has been seeing his mother struggling with cancer for the past 10 years. Though once a nurse, she has had to give up work, and this has impacted on the family finances.

Thuan says his four years living at The Haven have been the best time of his life, with wonderful support from staff and friends and the generosity of our Donors. He is looking forward to being able to help people with medical conditions, including his mother.

Congratulations, Thuan!



Volunteer English Tutor – Lynne Williams



An English language specialist and former editor of 40° South TasmaniaLynne Williams, spent three weeks at The Haven in April 2014.

Lynne, who hails from Tasmania, is a long-time friend of the Nguyen family and, now retired, wants to volunteer her time. Lynne worked intensively with the students to improve their English language conversation and listening skills. She will be returning to Hue in September and plans to volunteer one day a week at The Haven.

Lynne Williams

Teachers from Albury High School visit The Haven


Life’s a Beach


The Hooper-Nguyen and Ryan families, and other friends, visited The Haven on 25 April 2010. In addition to a t-shirt painting competition and other games, the students were treated to an excursion to Thuan An Beach, about 15km from Hue. The Hooper-Nguyens were impressed with how the students’ English language skills had improved since the last visit, and also their confidence.

“Swimming at Thuan An Beach”

An Expedition


Sponsors of The Haven – the Hooper-Nguyen and Bubb families, and other friends visited The Haven on 28th July and took the students on an excursion on 29th July. The students were treated to a boat journey up the Perfume River, stopping at Chua Thien Mu (Temple of The Heavenly Lady) and Emperor Minh Mang’s Tomb. Amongst other things, the students enjoyed drawing the features of Chua Thien Mu and participating in a tower building competition.