The Haven Education Project has permission from the Government of Vietnam to operate as a ‘live-in’ facility for up to 40 students, with full and part-time tutoring and support staff.

Dr Que (right) and the Management Committee talking to the building contractor (centre).


Professor Dinh Thong Nguyễn

The late Professor Nguyễn founded The Haven Education Project in 2007.   He attended Quốc-Học High School in Huế, Vietnam from 1956 to 1960. In 1960 he was awarded a Colombo Plan Scholarship by the New Zealand Government to study in New Zealand. Professor Nguyễn’s career included lecturing at various universities around the world including in Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.  He was the Executive Dean of the School of Architecture and Engineering and an Emeritus Professor, University of Tasmania.  He was Adjunct Professor at the University of Technology Sydney and a Visiting Professor at the Vietnam National University in Hanoi until his death in 2014.  The Haven Education Project and the myriad students who have benefited under the project’s guidance, are indebted to the late Professor Nguyễn and his wife Judith Nguyễn for their commitment to education in  Vietnam.

Management Committee

Governance of The Haven Education Project, including responsibility for service quality, student welfare and financial management, rests with an honorary Management Committee:

Dr Pham Thi Xuan Quế - President
Dr Quế was the Head of the TB Section at Huế Hospital. Since her retirement, Dr Quế has dedicated her life to social work, including working as a GP for various charity organisations in Huế, as Manager of the Thương-Lac charity project, and more recently as President of The Haven Education Project. For many years she has been, and still is, the Liaison Manager for the Alumni Association of the Đồng-Khánh High School for Girls.

Ms Ngô Thi Hoa – Vice President and Treasurer
Ms Hoa graduated from the School of Pedagogy of Huế University and is a  retired high school teacher of English language.

Ms Nguyễn Khoa Diệu Huyền – Vice President Education
Ms Huyền is a retired high school teacher of Vietnamese literature. She graduated from the School of Pedagogy of Huế University.

Ms Bùi Thị Phương Hương – Secretary and Accountant
Ms Hương graduated from the School of Pedagogy of Huế University and is a retired high school teacher of English language. She

Mr Andrew Hooper-Nguyễn – Director, Sponsorship
Mr Hooper-Nguyễn is a Director of Marinas of Australia Pty Ltd.  Previously, he was Chief Financial Officer of Strike Energy; an Australian listed oil & gas company and Scorpio Logistics; an Italian shipping company based in Singapore.  He was an investment banker with Macquarie Bank and a lawyer with Freehills. Mr Hooper-Nguyễn graduated from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia with economics and law degrees.

Performance Management

The Nguyễn family, following Professor Nguyễn’s death in May 2014 , has taken over responsibility for ensuring The Haven Education Project upholds high education and welfare standards and meets the expectations of the Management Committee, sponsors, students and other stakeholders.

The family liaise with Members of the Management Committee, students, schools, regulatory authorities and other interested parties in order to meet key academic and management objectives.  A report is distributed to stakeholders on the performance of The Haven bi annually.  Key performance indicators include

  • Number and quality of students accepted
  • Academic performance of the students
  • Retention rate of students
  • Success stories regarding students who have pursued further education or employment after The Haven